The Best Sorority Philanthropy Ideas

One of the great parts of joining Greek life is the opportunity to help your community with philanthropy work and charity. However, thinking of sorority philanthropy ideas can sometimes be a challenge, so Something Greek did the hard work for you! We’ve collected some of the best philanthropy ideas (that aren’t bake sales) for your sorority’s community service hours this semester.

  1. A midnight run

Midnight supply runs are great ideas for partnering up with other Greeks on your campus. Typically, a group of volunteers will come together with basic hygiene products, non-perishable foods, and clothes and work together to make care packages for the homeless. Include toothbrushes/toothpaste, granola bars, bottled water, socks, hand sanitizer, etc. and package them into bags or boxes. Then, spend the evening handing the packages out to the homeless for a feel-good philanthropy activity.

2. A school supply drive

A school supply drive is a perfect way to kick-start your philanthropy work this school year! Help kids less fortunate than you by hosting a school supply drive. Have chapters donate and then deliver it to a school or organization who can distribute the items to kids in need.

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3. A sporting event

Bring out the competitive spirit by hosting a sporting event with an admission cost to be donated to the philanthropy of your choosing. Whether your chapter decides to host a 5K run, a baseball game, or even something else, there’s nothing more fun than coming together with your campus to support a common cause.

4. Local park clean-up

Getting in contact with your local parks department can help jump start this philanthropy idea. Usually, they welcome the opportunity to have volunteers help clean up!

5. Operation S.E.N.D for the holidays

Operation S.E.N.D is an organization that sends holiday care packages to deployed military personnel. Once you get in contact with them, they often provide a list of things to include in care packages.

6. Beach clean-up

Same goes for beaches, especially if you live in a coastal area!

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7. Habitat for Humanity

If you’re looking for a more hands-on philanthropy idea, Habitat for Humanity is a great option! Get in touch with your local chapter and see if they could use some extra hands.

8. A book drive

Easy enough: have people on your campus collect old or unwanted books to donate to a library, nursing home, community center, or hospital. Anywhere will do!

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9. Holiday gift drive

A perfect way to wrap up the fall semester: collect gifts from Greeks on your campus and donate them to an organization in need. Some suggestions are Toys for Tots, a local childrens hospital, orphanages, or family shelters, to name a few.

10. Prom dress donation

Organizations like Becca’s Closet will collect donated prom or formal dresses to provide to young women who need a fancy dress but cannot afford one. Every girl deserves to feel beautiful for special occasions and your sorority can help while gaining valuable community service hours.

11. Contribute to the #HappyPeriod project

The #HappyPeriod project is one of pure women’s empowerment: they collect sanitary products for women and donate them to women in need. Take this idea a step further and help the organization deliver supplies to women’s shelters, so you can have a deeper involvement in helping out your community.

12. Volunteer at a local animal shelter

Who doesn’t love animals?! This sorority philanthropy idea is one of the best: local animal shelters often need volunteers to help socialize puppies and kittens, walk dogs, and clean up pens or crates. Your sorority gets an day spent with animals and the animals get to feel the love – a win-win!

13. Carnival

A carnival can be hosted to support any cause and is a great opportunity to collaborate with other clubs and organizations on your campus. Have other orgs co-sponsor by donating their time, supplies, or money and charge a small admission fee and ticket prices for carnival games and food. The proceeds can go to the charity of your choosing and the event is open to all. Take this time to invite alumnae sisters and their families as well!

14. Volunteering at a local children’s hospital

Spending your free time with kids who might feel lonely in a hospital is a great sorority philanthropy endeavor. Bring some craft supplies to give the kiddos a fun and productive way to spend their afternoon!

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15. All-You-Can-Eat event

Follow in the footsteps of some of the most successful Greek philanthropy events by hosting an all-you-can-eat charity event. Chapters like UMD’s Sigma Delta Tau and Alpha Epsilon Phi are famous for their ΣΔΤ Your Way Through College Park and Wingman events, collectively raising over $15,000 for their philanthropies. Get in touch with local restaurants and see if they’re willing to collaborate with you on the event by either donating food or offering a portion of the sales made in a certain time frame to be donated to your philanthropy.

Something Greek wants to know more about your philanthropy ideas! Tag us in your photos on Instagram @SomethingGreek or send us an email at and tell us all about it! We’d love to feature successful Greek philanthropy events on our blog and social media!

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