The Ultimate Sorority Fall Bucket List

When it’s time to head back to campus and the weather finally starts to cool down, there’s nothing better than gathering up your sisters for a weekend to check off your sorority fall bucket list. With so many things to do for everyone’s favorite season, it’s hard to figure out where to start. Luckily, Something Greek has done the hard work for you and curated the ultimate sorority fall bucket list.

  1. Pumpkin picking, obvs.

Is there anything better than going to a pumpkin patch in October? The answer is absolutely not. Not only does is make for an amazing IG photo, but there’s also a ton of doughnuts and cider to have and pumpkins to be carved.

sorority fall bucket list

2. Who doesn’t love baking?

Not only is baking like, the most fun fall activity ever, but you get to eat everything as soon as it’s out of the oven. A great bonding activity can even turn into a treat for the chapter: do your baking before your chapter meeting and surprise your sisters with a snack.

sorority fall bucket list

3. Tailgate at a homecoming game

Nothing screams “fall” like a tailgate at a homecoming football game! Get your sisters together, get some cute matching letters, and enjoy America’s favorite past time. If your university doesn’t have a homecoming football game, consider a fun road trip to a school that does so you can enjoy the fall foliage and still enjoy a game!

sorority fall bucket list

4. Scary movie marathon? Yes, please!

Have your sisters write down their favorite scary (or not so scary) movie and create a line up for a marathon. No movie marathon is complete without lots of blankets to hide under, though! Cute blankets with your letters on them are great fall decor for your home and are great to snuggle under during movie binges.

sorority fall bucket list

5. Donate to a food bank or host a food drive

Turn this bucket list item into a sorority philanthropy event while getting into the fall mood! Donating to a food bank or hosting a food drive for the less fortunate is a great way to fulfill community service hours while still having fun with your sisters. Don’t forget your matching letters!

sorority fall bucket list

6. Have a sistersgiving feast

A cute potluck with sisters on a weekend or after a chapter meeting is a great way to have a mini-Thanksgiving with the women you’re most thankful for before everyone goes home for the holidays. Have everyone make or buy their favorite dish and enjoy your sister’s company.

7. Host a bonfire

Cross off an item on your bucket list while hosting a sisterhood event: host a bonfire for your sorority this fall! You could even make it a Greek-wide event and invite other orgs! Bring lots of marshmallows for smores and hotdogs for roasting while bonding with your sisters – while repping your letters of course!

sorority fall bucket list

8. Have a Greek-wide cook-off event

Another bucket list item that can easily be turned into a philanthropy opportunity: host a cook-off between all of the Greek orgs on your campus. Choose a specific fall-related dish (ex: pumpkin pie, stuffing, sugar cookies, chili, etc.) and have each organization cook up their best version of it. Charge a few dollars for admission for others to try the dishes and donate that money to the charity of your choosing!

sorority fall bucket list

9. Check out a local festival or fair

These events tend to be pretty popular come autumn, so find one near by and enjoy all it has to offer! From hey rides to corn mazes to caramel apples, a fall-themed festival is the ultimate fall bucket list item.

sorority fall bucket list

10. Host a sorority craft sesh

A sorority fall bucket list wouldn’t be complete without crafting! Gather your sisters for some fall themed crafts: paint canvases, make leaf wreaths, or design some cute wooden letters. Make your craft night even more special by turning your masterpieces into gifts: put every sister’s name into a basket and have each girl pick out a sister’s name. Then, have them make their craft to give to that sister!

sorority fall bucket list

Autumn is one of the best times of the year, but sisters make it even better! Cross these items off of your sorority fall bucket list and make this fall the best one yet.

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