How to Have the Most Successful Fraternity Rush This Fall

Fraternity rush requires a lot of work and creativity to get people into your fraternity. Solid recruitment ideas attract the attention you are looking for to fill up the ranks. This rush week use some of these great ideas to bring interest to your fraternity.

fraternity rush fraternity recruitment

Unique Uniform Shirts

Many businesses understand the importance of branding. Using branding for fraternities are just as important as they are for businesses. By creating appealing merch like custom fraternity shirts, you can raise your brand awareness. Invest in quality custom Greek shirts and have your brothers wear them as they are walking around campus.

fraternity rush fraternity recruitment

Get Your Friends Involved

Sometimes fraternity recruitment is just as easy as asking your friends to join in and to invite their other friends to join in. Have them wear their fraternity shirts as they walk up to their friends, which can even add a little bit of professionalism when it comes to recruitment. In the past, brothers would walk up to any random stranger to try recruiting them. However, this may not be as effective as you’d like it to be. Plus, this could embarrass your brother or make them feel awkward about the recruiting process. By focusing on friends and acquaintances, the recruitment process may be a lot easier.

fraternity rush fraternity recruitment

Form a Partnership With a Campus Organization

On campus, there are hundreds of organizations with which you can choose to partner. Choose one that stands for the core values of your fraternity and work with them in a mutually beneficial partnership. They often hold events every semester that they will need volunteers for, and you want to get visibility for your fraternity. You can also find other people working with these organizations to recruit into you fraternity.

Work on Move-In/Move-Out Day

Not an entirely new approach, fraternities have been handing out cards and helping people on move-in day since the beginning of college fraternities. However, it can be overwhelming to take this approach to new students. Instead, send out your brothers in teams of 2s to ask new students if they want help. Then, they can exchange contact information in a natural way rather than trying to be a salesman. Helping at move-out day is a lesser-used strategy, which is why it’s so perfect, and it can help recruit returning students to your fraternity when they come back to campus.

fraternity rush fraternity recruitment

Know Who You Are and Show Them

It’s easy to advertise your fraternity as this close group of young men, but potential brothers want to know more. They want to know your story or what your fraternity stands for, but just telling the story isn’t enough. You have to lead by example and use your actions to show them your experience. If you tell them how close you guys are but then end up talking about brothers behind their back, you are sending mixed signals that will look poorly on you and your fraternity.

fraternity rush fraternity recruitment

By using some of these tips, you will notice a significant improvement in your recruitment success.

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