Local Ladies Spotlight: Kappa Chi Alpha Sorority – Danbury, CT

Founded in 1988 at Western Connecticut State University, Kappa Chi Alpha sorority has celebrated over 30 years of their one-of-a-kind sisterhood. As the only chapter of their sorority, the women pride themselves on their close-knit group, founded on firm anti-hazing principles. These principles have stood the test of time and are still upheld by the chapter, who dedicates themselves to welcoming their new classes in the right way, every single semester.

kappa chi alpha sorority

Kappa Chi Alpha sorority is a social organization, but is largely based around academic success and philanthropy work. Their philanthropy is Dream Come True of Western Connecticut, a local organization that grants the wishes of chronically and terminally ill children. In addition to their support for Dream Come True, the ladies of Kappa Chi Alpha also work closely with the Women’s Center of Greater Danbury and the Danbury Food Bank. By supporting local philanthropies, Kappa Chi Alpha stays true to their local Greek heritage while supporting their community outside of campus Greek life. The sisters host fundraisers and food drives for their charitable causes, as well as supporting other Greeks on their campus by participating in and sponsoring philanthropy events hosted by other organizations.

kappa chi alpha sorority

Kappa Chi Alpha also ensures that every new class in their sisterhood is as committed to philanthropy as they are: the new members of Kappa Chi Alpha have done everything from writing letters to soldiers to making blankets and donating them to their local LGBTQ+ youth shelter. That kind of dedication to bettering themselves and their community is heartwarming, and it is clear where these women’s priorities when it comes to Greek life lie.

In addition to their admirable philanthropy work, the sisters of Kappa Chi Alpha sorority also have held the award for highest Greek GPA on their campus for several years, as well as having sisters who have won other campus awards such as New Greek Member of the Year and Outstanding Greek Member of the Year. Their philanthropy has honored the sorority annually at their yearly fundraising gala with multiple recognitions of their hard work and dedication. To top it all off, Kappa Chi Alpha is the oldest active sorority on their campus and have continued to thrive despite the changing campus culture of the past 31 years.

Personally, I was moved and inspired when I learned about the extent of Kappa Chi Alpha’s sisterhood. They hold themselves to a standard that I believe all Greeks, local or national, should aspire to. Their apparent dedication to their sisters, their community, and their purpose is incredible, to say the least. With an engaged network of alumnae supporting their active members through their rituals, bylaws, and pillars, this sorority is clearly one-of-a-kind.

To learn more about Kappa Chi Alpha’s truly amazing organization, you can follow them on Instagram @KappaChiAlpha.

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