Local Ladies Spotlight: Chi Iota Omega Sorority – Alpha Chapter

A rarity for local sororities, the Alpha chapter of Chi Iota Omega sorority is one of two chapters of their organization. The Alpha chapter, founded on March 20, 2003 in Staten Island, NY expanded their sisterhood to Brooklyn, NY, making their organization even stronger as they welcomed a second group of women into the fold. Both chapters of Chi Iota Omega pride themselves on being a diverse group of women with close connections to one another despite their different backgrounds.

chi iota omega sorority

Chi Iota Omega sorority represents a sisterhood in which these ladies diversity brings them closer together. Sister Nicole Falcone tells me that no one sister in Chi Iota Omega sorority are alike, but they prefer it that way. The sisters come together not only to create lifelong friendships, but to work together to better their community and help to lift the negative stigma that is often attached to local Greek life. Chi Iota Omega supports their main philanthropies: Light the Night Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, but the sisters also host philanthropy events to contribute to other charities as well. Sister Nicole explains how Chi Iota Omega hosts events such as their annual Breast Cancer Bingo and fashion show, the proceeds of which are donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) and the National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA).

The sisters of Chi Iota Omega sorority are also deeply invested in the educational needs of each of their sisters. Their scholarship chair holds an important position within the chapter, and Chi Iota Omega makes sure to prioritize each sister’s education, as well as provide them with the assistance and resources necessary to maintain high GPAs. This is yet another thing that the sisters feel others should know about their local Greek organization: their local status does not mean that they are not heavily involved in philanthropy and scholarly endeavors.

chi iota omega sorority

What the sisters of the Alpha chapter of Chi Iota Omega sorority want others to know about them is that they are a group of hardworking women who’s local status does not define the purpose of their sisterhood. The sisters come from all backgrounds, and their chapter offers women who have not had the opportunity to join Greek life to become a part of it at a local, commuter-based school. The sisterhood helps women transition into their college years and make close connections and friends through an organization that focuses on both the social and professional aspects of college. The sorority is also a resource for post-graduate life: sisters are able to make professional connections and network based on the connections they made through their sisterhood.

If you’re interested in learning more about Chi Iota Omega, you can find them on Instagram @xio_alpha!

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