Local Ladies Spotlight: Delta Delta Sigma Sorority – Albany, NY

Since 1995, Delta Delta Sigma sorority has been changing the campus culture at the University of Albany. After being recognized by UAlbany’s Panhellenic Association in 1996, the ladies of Delta Delta Sigma have remained committed to upholding their pillars: diversity, dedication, and sisterhood. This local Greek organization considers themselves one giant family who continuously love and support one another and their school’s community, inside of Greek life and out.

delta delta sigma sorority

Even though Delta Delta Sigma is currently only found at the University of Albany, the sisters hope to expand their organization and bring their sorority to other schools in the future. Delta Delta Sigma not only represents friendship and sisterhood, but they also support their philanthropies in a big way. The sorority supports the American Heart Association, but sister Nicole Cappiello explains that each year the sisters vote on a new philanthropy to contribute to so they can help a variety of causes. In addition to the American Heart Association, Delta Delta Sigma has also worked to donate to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, the American Red Cross, as well as participating in biweekly community clean ups in Albany.

delta delta sigma sorority

What the sisters of Delta Delta Sigma believe sets their organization apart from other local and national sororities is the bond they share with one another. Cappiello describes how their smaller size makes them stronger, because each new class of girls are given bids for a reason. Delta Delta Sigma isn’t looking to fill a quota – they handpick their members to ensure their tightly-knit sisterhood continues to uphold their values. This makes the organization unique from others like them, and the sisters reveal that a perk of joining a smaller, local sorority is the reduced stress that one might experience in a national sorority.

Cappiello tells me that the strain of paying dues is easier, as a result of not having to pay national fees. The money that the sisters put into their organization comes right back to them, and is used for sisterhood events, philanthropy work, and the benefit of the chapter. What’s more, is the devoted group of women are able to turn to their chapter in times of struggle for assistance and support. The ladies of Delta Delta Sigma not only have a direct say in the goings on of their chapter, but also have a close network of sisters and friends to enjoy the benefits of their local sorority with.

If you’re interested in learning more about Delta Delta Sigma, you can find them on Instagram @DeltaDeltaSigma!

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