Local Ladies Spotlight: Theta Alpha Lambda Sorority – Plattsburgh, NY

Founded in 1966, Theta Alpha Lambda sorority has an impressive history at SUNY Plattsburgh, the school at which they were founded over 50 years ago. As the only chapter of their organization, the sisters continue to uphold their core values of friendship, sisterhood, scholarship, self, unity, community, leadership, and loyalty. They refer to themselves as “Thalians”, and sister Melanie Bruno tells me that her sisters constantly look to better themselves within their community and campus at all times.

theta alpha lambda sorority

As part of their determination to do better and be better, the sisters of Theta Alpha Lambda sorority work closely to support their philanthropy Clinton County STOP Domestic Violence. Sister Melanie Bruno explains that several of the sisters are trained as hotline volunteers for their philanthropy, and Theta Alpha Lambda offers this training for new sisters every semester. Bruno also reveals that her chapter has received the Chapter of Excellence award for the past 4 years, and that the sisters of Theta Alpha Lambda have maintained an average GPA that is above their campus’s standard for Greek life. Theta Alpha Lambda’s members come from all backgrounds and walks of life – the sorority upholds a diverse and inclusive image in their community and welcome all women who are dedicated to their values.

One of the best things about Theta Alpha Lambda’s local sorority status is how unique and one-of-a-kind it makes them. The sisters aren’t sacrificing a rich history – they have over 50 years of sisterhood behind them! Bruno explains that being a local sorority benefits the chapter by allowing every member to have a say in their chapter’s decisions without interference from a larger national organization. The chapter is run completely by the sisters who are committed to their organization’s values and purpose. Above all, the women of Theta Alpha Lambda just want people to know that their sisterhood is not any less meaningful due to their local status.

If you’re interested in learning more about Theta Alpha Lambda, you can find them on Instagram @ThetaAlphaLambda!

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