Local Ladies Spotlight: Delta Delta Omega Sorority – Staten Island, NY

Founded at the College of Staten Island on June 3, 2012, Delta Delta Omega sorority has already made a huge impact on their community. As the only existing chapter of their sorority, they have made an impressive commitment to sisterhood, philanthropy, and service in the past 7 years and continue to do so every day.

delta delta omega sorority

The sisters of Delta Delta Omega uphold their motto – Standing out, but never standing alone – by continuing to recruit sisters from all walks of life to join their remarkable organization. Sister Jamie Riccardella explains that sisterhood is the most important thing to their sorority. Delta Delta Omega continues to promote this ideal by remaining connected with alumnae, as well coming together to contribute to some truly amazing charities.

Delta Delta Omega’s main philanthropy is St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. The sisters have pioneered their annual “Dunk a Delta” event to raise money for both St. Jude’s and the Kessler Foundation, which is an organization that provides support and rehabilitation to disabled individuals. Riccardella describes how her sorority was touched by the story of a Staten Island High School student who was helped by the Kessler Foundation, which inspired them to support the charity. Delta Delta Omega raised over $2,000 for their philanthropies – a truly remarkable feat for a local organization. In addition to Delta Delta Omega’s work with St. Jude’s and the Kessler Foundation, the sisters also collected and donated over 50 prom dresses to Becca’s Closet – an organization that helps underprivileged women find prom dresses so they can feel beautiful on their special day.

What the women of Delta Delta Omega sorority want everyone to know about their organization is that local Greek life is just as relevant and important as nationally recognized Greek life. The sisters work just as hard as other Greeks do, if not harder, to keep themselves active in their community and leave a lasting impression. Riccardella explains that one of the best parts about their local sorority is how close the sisters are with one another and with their alumnae given their smaller size. The sisters are able to network and reach out to the women who started their organization and remain close with them, keeping the bonds of sisterhood that they hold so dear alive and well.

If you’re interested in learning more about the sisters of Delta Delta Omega, you can find them on Instagram @DeltaDeltaOmega!

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