How to Keep Your Sorority Social Media Relevant This Summer

Summertime is tricky for Greek organizations – everyone has dispersed from campus, but you need to remain relevant and prepare your social media for the influx of freshman eager for Fall rush. We’ve curated a list of the best ways to keep your sorority social media active during the summer months and ensure PNM interest for the upcoming rush season.

  1. Repost interesting updates from your national HQ

If your national HQ has posted anything relevant to your chapter, repost it on your sorority social media to keep PNMs in the loop about the goings on of your organization.

2. Share photos of any summertime sisterhood activities your sorority participates in

Nothing makes an Instagram more interesting than photos of sisters in action! Whether it’s beach pictures, picnics, or road trips, show your followers what kind of fun activities your chapter engages in.

3. Keep in contact with your school’s Panhellenic organization and make sure your sorority photos get reposted

Most PNMs will keep track of your school’s Panhellenic or InterGreek Council’s social media. Make sure that your chapter is featured and displayed when you have the chance!

4. Post some short clips of your recruitment video to drum up interest

Recruitment videos are hands down the best way to draw PNMs in and attract them to your sorority chapter. Rush videos display all of the best parts of your sisterhood, so post a few teaser clips to grab attention!

5. Post sister spotlights with a short caption giving some background on sisters

This is an easy way to fill up a few posts and give outsiders an inside look into your sorority and who is a part of it!

6. Feature officer positions with some background on each officer’s role within the chapter

This is also a great way to prepare for rush by highlighting the hard yet rewarding work of your chapter’s Executive Board! Many PNMs don’t realize how beneficial a leadership role in a sorority can be for their futures!

7. Shout out sisters with summer birthdays on your sorority story or Instagram page

This is another great way to get PNMs familiar with the faces of your chapter!

8. Take some photos at summer philanthropy events to highlight the good that your sorority does year round

Philanthropy doesn’t stop just because school did! Not only are you highlighting the dedication and hard work of your sorority, but you are showing new members another side of Greek life that focuses on scholarship, philanthropy, and friendship!

9. Start a countdown until Bid Day or Recruitment

Nothing creates a spark of excitement like a countdown to let PNMs know how excited you are to meet them! We know you’re excited – get them excited too through your sorority social media!

10. Feature example photos of recruitment attire for PNMs

Bonus points if your chapter curates a Pinterest board! PNMs are most likely unsure of what to expect during rush events, so examples of what to wear or expect are always welcome!

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