5 Reasons Why You Should Join Greek Life

Starting college is difficult enough as it is, full of nerves and uncertainty. As a freshman, you’ll probably be bombarded with offers to join all different kinds of clubs and organizations. Instead of feeling nervous or shy, it might be worth it to check some of them out and consider joining a Greek organization. The Greek life system is one that often faces a lot of harsh public criticism but can actually be a very rewarding experience. It isn’t for everyone, but it’s worth giving it a shot! Here are a few reasons to consider attending your school’s fall rush and going Greek!

  1. Friendships

It can be tricky to make friends when you’re just starting out in college! Joining a Greek organization is a great way to meet new people, even if you decide joining Greek life isn’t for you. You’ll meet a ton of new people, from active members of Greek life, to other potential new members (PNMs) like you who are also considering going Greek.

2. Philanthropy

Fraternities and sororities often have a reputation for non-stop partying, but did you know that nationally recognized Greek organizations require their members to contribute to charitable and philanthropic causes? Every organization has a cause that they support and are responsible for raising money and planning events for in support. To join Greek life means to add a lot of volunteer hours to you resume, which is an amazing addition for future job hunting!

3. Scholarship

Nationally recognized Greek organizations often have GPA requirements for active members in order to maintain membership status. It varies from each chapter and university, but making good grades and studying are huge aspects of Greek life. Many organizations even offer scholarships for its members to apply for, which provides money for tuition, books, and room and board!

4. Leadership

Going Greek offers many opportunities for taking on leadership roles that will make you a stronger, better person overall. Officer positions within chapters give members the ability to improve their organizational skills, public speaking, group work, and so much more! This kind of experience also looks great on a resume and is an overall great life skill to have.

5. Networking and professional connections

The massive network of sorority and fraternity alumnae all across the world is enough to make anyone’s head spin. Running into alumnae of Greek life is a huge benefit when it comes to post-college job hunting, as you’re guaranteed to run into fellow Greek alum who understand the hard work and dedication that come with being a member of the Greek system.

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