What Sorority Recruitment is Really Like

When you step into the bright, colorful sorority recruitment room and you’re surrounded by the shouts and cheers of all the similarly-dressed girls ushering you towards tables full of cupcakes and photographs, it can be hard to remember that at one point they all stood where you did. It can be overwhelming and nerve-wracking to be a potential new member, but we are here to give you an inside look at what recruitment is really like.

            For starters, the sisters of each chapter have been planning these nights for months by the time you arrive. Recruitment is arguably one of the most important events for a chapter: without recruitment to find new members, every chapter would die out. Sisters are excited about meeting potential new sisters (or even their future little) and have likely been attending workshops, meetings, and informationals to learn how to properly hold conversations with PNMs and showcase their chapter’s strengths to the best of their ability. Each night of recruitment is typically themed, and you’ll probably notice that the sisters are wearing matching t-shirts, similar colors, and coordinated outfits, accessorized with Greek gear and apparel to show pride in their organizations. Recruitment shirts usually include the sorority’s letters somewhere, as well as a design that matches the theme of that evening, like these.

            After 1 or 2 nights of recruitment parties, there is typically an invite-only ceremony known as Preference Night. During Preference Night (also known as Prefs), there is typically a more formal, all-black dress code amongst sisters. The room will still be decorated, often with large wooden Greek sorority letters and photographs of the chapter from various events. This night is considered more intimate, where sisters will typically greet you by name, as you most likely have met at least some of them in the past evenings. Décor will also probably display the crafts sisters have made, like sorority big/little paddles and pillows and handmade banners. Preference Night is also when sisters make their final, collective decision of which PNMs they would like to offer bids to.

            Finally, after all of the stress of sorority recruitment and rush, there is Bid Day – one of the most fun events of recruitment for both PNMs and sisters. Each chapter welcomes home the girls who they extended a bid to who accepted, and they are so excited to hug their new sorority sisters and welcome them to the group. Often, PNMs receive small gifts from their chapter as a congratulatory gift, such as a shirt, accessories, handmade crafts, or candy or other small snacks. Bid Day is a day to celebrate both yours and the chapter’s accomplishments and a recruitment week well done.  


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